Rumble at the FABRIK #3
The Big Rock´n Roll Show
Einlass: 16:00 Uhr
Beginn: 16:00 Uhr
Ende: 00:00 Uhr
Vorverkauf: 25,00 €

Liebe Roggenrohl-Gemeinde.

Yes. Auch im Jahre 24 wird es einen Rumble in Hamburg geben. Wir haben Euch wieder einen knallbunten Strauß an schmissigen Kapellen aus nah und fern zusammengestellt. Alle Infos zu den Acts und den immer heiß begehrten Tickets findet Ihr unten stehend…

Das Line-Up

The Domestic Bumblebees and Boppin´Steve

 The Domestic Bumblebees is a fifties style Blues/rock’n’roll trio from Stockholm, Sweden, well known for their explosive, collar-soaking shows and diabolic instrument skills. The band was formed at a small club called “Jumpin’ The Cellar” in November 2004 by three members from the mighty fine Rhythm & Blues band Danny & The Cappers. It was supposed to be one gig only but the audience went crazy and the guys had so much fun that they decided to keep on buzzin’.The Domestic Bumblebees take great pride in being the house band at one of Sweden´s biggest rock’n’roll clubs: The Rocket Room at Debaser in Stockholm.

Junior Marvel 

Junior Marvel doesn´t need a lot of introduction. Almost 40 years tearin it up at festivals, clubs and jukejoints around the world spreading joy around with autentic rockabilly and a lot of own material. After recording for several lables he is now recording for Wild.

Yann O´Fender with The Town Rebels

From the age of 6, he asked his parents to be taken to gigs. His parents played with bands,organised events and would travel through France, England and Germany to attend gigs. Those years shaped Yann’s tastes and influences, his big love being that good ol’ teddy boy rock n roll. At 8, he decided to learn the drums, then at 15, he learned bass and couple of years later, the guitar. He joined his parents’ band Long Black Jackets at 15 on bass, and later on, became their drummer up to this day. 

At 19, Yann moved to England and joined the band Furious as their drummer. He played with the band for couple of years and recorded with them on their first album. He contributed with 3 of his own songs “Carry on”, “For You (my angel)” and the anthem “We are the Teds”. 

In 2010, Yann decided to focus on his writing, and formed his own band playing guitar and singing. Highly influenced by Crazy Cavan, Flying Saucers, Whirlwind, Riot Rockers, Black Knights, Lou Cifer and the Hellions and C.S.A.. …It was the start of CorrupTed. The aim was to bring many songs from European Ted bands to England. After moving back to France, CorrupTed had a line up change and have toured most of Europe, including backing many other artists of the revival era. One of Yann’s highlights was to tour Japan backed by the Crazy Teds.  

As a musician, Yann has played for many other artists, whether on drums, guitar or bass : Sandy Ford, Lou Cifer and the hellions, Riot Rockers, Stingrays, Andy Williams .....and backed with his band artists such as Cliff Edmonds, Johnny Red, Rip Masters, Levi Dexter, Steve Riot ....

Yann has recorded a few albums through the years, 3 of them being solo works with a lot of self penned songs, the latest one “Ted Cool” under the name Yann O’fender met many great reviews and contains only original tracks. If we should describe his music, it is a mix of Teddy Boy Rock n roll, a drop of 50s Rockabilly/ rock n roll, and a bit of British Rock n roll. 

Cat Lee King and His Cocks

from Bonn, Germany are one of the most notable European new comer bands in the field of authentic 50s Rhythm'n'Blues and Rock'n'Roll. Charismatic bandleader Cat Lee King, who astonishes with self taught Blues Piano Skills as well as an unmistakeable raspy voice, has gathered a bunch of dapper looking young lads, who manage to excite every crowd and put down an energy packed live show that promises to blow off the roof of any juke joint, club, or theater hall. Founded in 2015, the Cocks have quickly made themselves a name in the German 50s Blues and Rock'n'Roll Scene, and gained a Recording Contract with the 'Rhythm Bomb' Label. Their repertoire, which is a tasteful mix of well known, less known and original songs from soulful sentimental Blues, to hot swinging Rhythm 'n Blues, to wild, hell raising Rock'n'Roll, succeeds in combining the nostalgic flair of the late 40s and 50s with the energy and charm of young age. While Cat Lee King leads the group with an enormous stage presence, pumping Honky Tonk Piano influenced by Otis Spann, Little Willie Littlefield a.o. and a Voice that easily competes with legendary singers like Wynonie Harris, Howlin' Wolf or Blind W illie Johnson, lead guitarist Thomas 'Tommyboy' Jackson Croole, with only 19 years of age the youngest of the group, plays a mean jump blues guitar that combines faithfully all the best of the styles of T Bone Walker, B.B. King, Johnny Guitar Watson, Jimmy Nolan and many more. The always tight, always driving rhythm is provided by Lucas 'Lucky' Luciano on the upright bass, Sidney Ramone on the rhythm guitar and René 'The Dude' Lieutenant on the drums. Anyone who likes old school Rhythm and Blues has to witness this band live on stage.

DJ Wieland

DJ Wildcat Udo


The Domestic Bumblebees and Boppin´Steve Junior Marvel Yann O´Fender with The Town Rebels Cat Lee King and His Cocks DJ Wieland DJ Wildcat Udo

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