Animal Farm
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George Orwell´s ANIMAL FARM written in 1945 as a satire on the Russian Revolution, has indeed withstood the test of time. Although all bastions of Russian Stalinism have been swept away by the onslaught of history, the indelable marks left by this story on our souls and subconscious cannot be erased. The famous quote: ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS, has become a permanent part of our literature. The direct historical background of the story might no longer exist, but the power structures described by Orwell are an intricate part of human nature. One sees onself reflected in the emotions, goals and desires of the animals depicted and can clearly hear the ghost of Charles Darwin preaching his theory of evolution.


Director Gaspard Legandre is very sensitive to this animal/human link. We are confronted by animals, see and hear their sounds and movements on stage. But we are never made to feel that this is a chlidrens story, but are immediately fascinated by the timelessness of this production. We see ourselves reflected in its mirror, are made aware of our strengths and weaknesses and somehow sense that we, too, can be conjoled into accepting conditions in the name of sacrafice which we would normally consider to be far below our standards. Are we capeable of allowing ourselves to be enslaved by others? At least in an emotional sense, yes. Could we find ourselves so passionately involved in a cause, that we could convince others at almost all cost to join us? Under certain circumstances, yes.

ANIMAL FARM confronts both of these problems as well as all other aspects of the story, and we leave the theatre feeling exorcized and enterained.


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